Numerous scientific research has already shown that the practice of Yoga postures called asanas, and certain breathing and meditative techniques slows down the aging process, increases muscle elasticity and stamina, promotes a healthy and flexible spinal column, removes tension and emotional stress from the body and mind. Yoga also positively affects and promotes the health of internal organs and the entire endocrine system through various postures and movements in which it massages and stimulates specific organs, greatly benefitting the overall health of the practicioner. This results in a synergistic effect causing higher levels of energy, concentration, flexibility, memory and strength which culminates in the sense of happiness and inner peace.

Recent research also shows that daily practice of Yoga brings incredible progress in body flexibility, endurance and balance, while simultaneously rehabilitating most past physical injuries and most chronic disbalances in the body.

Overall Yoga is a wonderful therapeutic practice for everyone.

 Tamara Živko

Artist, choreographer, healer, dance teacher, lover of life, kambo practitioner, reiki master, student of life, nomad. I graduated at University of Kinesiology and having background in fitness and professional dance. I love to share my personal yoga practice with my students which is a fusion of Hatha vinyasa and Siddha Maha yoga. My teachings are changing with time as my personal practice grows. I love to move, to be active but at the same time to be in peace. Connected with the spirit. My love of Yoga took me to many destinations like India, Bali, Thailand, Indonesia, Laos, Cambodia, Mexico, Peru and gave me many insights to live a more fulfilled life. I was honored to teach yoga in India,Thailand and Mexico and to be teacher of Yoga teacher trainings in India, Goa. Im grateful to have met and be inspired by many amazing teachers on my path. Marco Bianco, Sandra Petra Pintarić, Tomislav Budak, Rolf Naujokat, Acharya Mahamandaleshwar Swami Nardanand, Dr. Pio Vucetich, Sri Dharma Mittra are just few of them. But my greatest teacher is a connection with my true self, spirit and the world around me. Im still learning how to be present in this moment as much as I can be. I'm in love with the Amazonian plant teachers and Kambo which have been a great support on my spiritual path. I believe every day yoga practice can bring a healthy and conscious way of living. To live the life we love and to enjoy this amazing gift of Life to the fullest.

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