Dancing since he was a little kid, Diego has found his passion in the Hip Hop culture. He has trained the very different styles like Jazz, Ballet, ballroom, Popping, Locking, House, Underground, Waacking, Vogue, Dancehall, Breakdance…
Merging all that to the several classes with famous names like:
Brian Friedman(USA), Sisco Gomez(UK) Nika Kljun(SLO), Camillo Lauricella(GER), Willdabeast(USA), Janelle Ginestra(USA), Dejan Tubic(USA) , Rudi Smit(South Africa) , Jawn Ha(USA) , Jojo Gomez (USA), Marie Ninja(FRA), Aviance Milan(USA) , Mecnun Giasar (GER), Kevin Maher(USA), M’Y (FRA), KK Haris (USA), Alexander Chung (USA). Laure Courtellemont (FRA)…
He has built, choreographed and performed dance shows in Croatia as well as many countries like Germany, Finland, Wales, England and Brazil.
His skills and dedication for dance are contagious. His passion surrounds everyone around him helping them to understand his ideas and visions enlarging their view about the dance world.

Jazz Dance

Jazz dance

Mtv Dance

MTV dance

Hip Hop

Hip hop