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Božidar Lelas

Born and raised in Rijeka, but his arrival to Zagreb, he met yoga. We could say that in 2016 he started his new life, inspired by Dharma yoga and teachings of Sri Dharma Mittra. A year later, he enrolled and completed a yoga teacher training program 200 hrs RYT, and from this year he enrolled a TT 500 hrs of RYT, under the tutorship of Sandra Petra Pintarić. In the meanwhile, he has attended several different workshops with internationally acclaimed Dharma yoga teachers, and he currently teaches in several yoga centers in Zagreb. The style he practice and charrish is Vinyasa flow of Hatha yoga style, inspired by Dharma yoga. He takes as a great blessing, the opportunity to pass on the acquired knowledge and experience, to anyone who is eager to explore and feel the beauty and power of yoga, starting from complete beginners to advanced groups. With no expectations, with his heart and mind open, he would love to transfer to all the explorers the idea and goal of yoga, which is the self-realization and transformation of existential weight into existential bliss.

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